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HuiLi many serinette patent


The third-generation high-tech musical movement

The musical movement which also be called music box ,is widely used in gifts ,premiums and toys .In the past 300 years ,it's been in the period of ever hand-made in switzerland ,and mechanized large-scale manufacturing in japan.till today ,nearly 98% of them was produced in china mainland .meanwhile ,the shell of it also has changed from steel-case to plastic case .this is one revolutionary updating .Today ,we can proundly claim that ,in one high-techcity--shenzhen china ,one third-generation musical movement will be issued.

Based on our 15 years experience in producing and 5 year's research ,we shenzhen huiliduo musical movement co ltd., had successfully developed one new generation of musical movement and thus got the patent protection(patent No :ZL200820213471.0.) This new generation musical movement integrates the sound ,light ,electricity into one module and can offer a new solution to the gifts ,premiums and toys area .

Please note that this new generation musical movement is one patented product which developed and solely possessed by shenzhen huiliduo musical movement Co., ltd .Under the terms of intellectual property ,any copy ,imitation ,of fake will be acted into lawsuit by us :


PATENT NO :ZL200820213471.0 CERTIFICATE NO :1279158

Model: H18NE007




Model: H30-50NE1


Model: H18NE002


piano sound module

Octave piano

Model: H18NE008


Model: H18NE006






Product Highlights:

One, why she is the third generation of music the bell (serinette)?

One on behalf of the Swiss handmade original productions, the appearance of the product for the steel case, the second took the Japanese mechanized mass production, products gradually replaced by Molded the third generation HLEEDUO R & D bell music (serinette) of the former generations learn from their advanced experience based on the fusion of sound, light, electricity and modern technology, called the new Next-generation music bell (serinette)

Second, the new Next-generation music the bell (serinette) with the first two generations What is the difference?

The new One the generation of HLEEDUO products sound quality beyond the previous two generations, the sound is more soft and pleasant, more have bayin charm. Time from the previous two generations of 2 minutes 30 seconds One song limit, and up to play 35 song title. Light, electricity combined with modern elements can be integrated into manufacturing, so that your products not only have the needs of the metal texture music bell (serinette,) sound, but also to play an important role in the LED light, electronic drive. We are working on research and development into One step, traditional hand screw, pull winding form and applied to the new Next-generation music the bell (serinette), so users accustomed to the mechanical feel able to meet the demand. Has initially launched the 30 tones, 50 the sound simulation polyphonic music box. Specific features can be customized according to the customers' special needs, let the music the bell (serinette) depending on user needs and changes.

Third, the new Next-generation music the bell (serinette) One traditional electronics IC products it?

The absolutely not One kind. First, from the sound quality to listen, you will be able to distinguish. Gives the feeling of traditional electronics IC Music Box electronic flavor is too strong, no serinette charm, the reason why the new One behalf of the HLEEDUO product is a patented product, by the national intellectual property protection, the key lies in the sound quality and traditional music bell (octave piano) One kind, or even better, there is no noise, classic, beautiful, loaded in the product can not be distinguished, high taste. If coupled with mechanical manually unscrew the winding as the switch, more perfect, Normal electronic IC Music Box product can never be achieved.

Fourth, the new Next-generation music the bell (serinette) function:

Can the One only music bell (serinette) play 35 songs ---- Christmas, children, popular tracks; possess long, short-term control; looping, beating playback; volume control; the tricolor LED lamp with music changes; driven motor switch with the music; smoothly with LED lights flash, jump flash; trigger back to the initial state; The next step will be into the One Step development chain rope (toy products) switch trigger with clockwork more perfect combination of the traditional movement with the new Next-generation movement. If the customer has special functional requirements, we can jointly explore the development.

Fifth, how the volume and price of the new the I. generation of HLEEDUO brand movement?

Volume does not exceed the traditional music the bell (serinette) or smaller (mini type). One kind of price with the traditional movement (slightly different) special features. Only in this way, we can truly replace the traditional music movement. Let us work together, let the music more and better products into the tens of thousands of households. Welcome to inquire, free samples gift!